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'Authenticity Verification'
Sandbox Overview

This section provides overview about the sandbox and how to access it.

  • Purpose of the sandbox: In general, Web3fi as a platform aims to provide multiple app build environments (e.g. Dev, UAT) to Web3/tech developers and businesses to build/test their apps before releasing them in production to their customers.


Sandbox instances along with its artifacts will act as the starting point for the developers to review the template design and test basic functionality for their respective use-cases.


With this the developers can come to a decision point as to which technology template will work best for them and if at all, how much customization would be required to suit their needs.


Once sandbox testing is complete, these developers can then move on to actual development phase and initiate further testing/customization using the relevant templates, which will be much more feature and functionality rich than the sandbox instances.


  • Target use-case: This sandbox environment addresses “Authenticity Verification” use-cases where ensuring authenticity of educational certificates, medical documents, business invoices and event tickets is important.

  • Why use it: This sandbox instance gives ready-to-use APIs that can be plugged into the apps/DApps easily(whether existing or being newly built) 

    • allows developers to start testing in minutes

    • focus on customizing & integrating these APIs/functions vs building from scratch

    • spend more time acquiring customers and growing their business


  • Sandbox cost: Free for a limited period.


  • Availability of the instance: Instance is available 24X7 on-demand. In-order to save power and resources, please stop or terminate the instance when not in-use.


  • Access: To gain access to the sandbox instance, simply sign-up on our website and sign-in to go to the main dashboard (Web3fi website > Sign-in > Main dashboard > Sandbox (side panel). Through it, a new instance of the sandbox can be spun-up and further controlled.


  • Technical information about the sandbox: Please refer to this page for the technical details about the sandbox.


For any further queries or feedback, kindly reach-out to us.

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