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Our Offerings

At Web3fi, we are continuously looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to build innovative apps and solutions for their target audience.

Environments to choose from

We figured that our customers, in general, follow similar methodologies to build, in whatever they are building. So we decided to structure our offerings to support these methodologies.

Templates to choose from

We also learnt, that with good starter-kits, our customers tend to get a head-start in their journey, and can take their offerings to the market faster.


We took this to heart as well and included pre-baked "Templates" in our offerings for specific use-cases with features that would make sense for our customers.

Why choose us?

With Web3fi, the unfair advantage is clear.

Offerings at the alpha launch

With the alpha launch, we are opening up our platform with below offerings. Click on the links to know more about specific offerings.

Please note: This is limited availability alpha launch for early adopters who are keen to get engaged with our journey and are willing to provide inputs to improve our offerings. As such, please do not put any sensitive, confidential or production data on these instances. All instances are hosted out of Singapore.


Pre-integrated Web3 components

Web3 ecosystem components are pre-integrated to work as a solution out-of-box.



Low-code platform enables you to build faster without the need to be an expert.

use-case specific_edited.jpg

Use-case specific modules

Use-case specific modules shortens the time to take product to market.


Pre-certified for scale & security

All solutions are pre-certified for scale & basic security.

  Sandbox Environment

  • Not Applicable

Production Environment

  • Coming with Beta launch

    • Native Ethereum

    • Polygon

  • Coming with Beta launch

    • Polygon

    • Hyper-ledger Fabric

Development Environment

  • Coming with Beta launch

    • Polygon

    • Hyper-ledger Fabric





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