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Fortnightly reading (18th Jun, 23)

For this edition, I am sharing below four content pieces that I found useful.

1) Looking to boot-strap your own venture? Look no further....

Zero to One by Peter Thiel has been a cult book for both budding and established entrepreneurs for years now, filled with guidelines on many important topics that founders are expected to consider while boot-strapping and scaling their ventures.

This article (15 mins read) captures most of the key points from the book as a summary for the readers. I highly recommend reading it.

2) Still wondering about the Web3 tech-stack and what it looks like?

If you are a newbie in the Web3 domain and are still wondering about how the Web3 tech-stack is different from the Web3 tech-stack...then this is an amazing article where the author patiently describes the main components with a wonderful comparison to the Web2 web-app architecture.

3) Riding the Generative AI hype cycle

This article (a bit lengthy) from Mckinsey does decent job in explaining Generative AI and answering some of the most common questions about it, including what is Generative AI, how are they created and trained, the outputs it can produce & the problems it can solve.

4) Different layers of blockchain (layers 0-3) explained

This YouTube video (12 mins), provides a brief but beautiful summary of different components of a blockchain and how different components/functions combine to form the 4 layers of blockchains.

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